Makeup from The Empress-Hair stuffs


organix oil

1. Moroccan Argan Oil by Organix.

This shit rules. Once I get out of the shower I put a small quarter sized dot of this oil in my hair- and don’t worry, IF YOU HAVE OILY HAIR ALREADY DON’T FREAK OUT. It is still amazing. Your hair is, no matter what you argue, DAMAGED. Picture this AMAZING SMELLING oil as a nice drink, and your hair just so happens to have been running through the flat iron sahara. Its thirsty dammit. It smells amazing and makes your hair feel super soft and it will have a great shine. I think it goes for around 7 dollars at most stores. I buy it at meijer and usually get lucky and find it on sale.

Anti Split pureology

2. Pureology Anti-Split Blow dry

Pureology is one of the few products that I splurge on. I got it for 30 dollars at a salon that probably ripped me off. But whatever, I love it. Pureology usually makes products for colored hair, which partially applies to me. I have half of my hair dyed darker (LOWLIGHTS WOO) and dye it one or two times a year. But I also have really really long hair and it helps with intense damage and makes my hair smell and feel great. And the title is a little bossy, you don’t need to blow dry your hair to use this stuff. Just use it. 


3. Root Awakening Hairspray by John Frieda

My mom puts up the biggest fit about hairspray always being shitty, and this stopped the complaining. I first bought it because I didn’t want to buy hairspray that harms the environment with harmful gasses. This one is self pump, and if this is a problem for you I seriously feel concerned for how lazy your routine is. Anyways, this holds AMAZINGLY and smells great. Around 6 or 7 dollars at most stores that sell shampoo :)

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